Sichuan Huiyu Group

Sichuan Huiyu Group is a technology-based group company mainly engaged in research and development, design, manufacturing, sales, and service of biopharmaceuticals, biochemistry, and financial investment. It has a first-class research and development team and the world's most advanced gelatin production equipment, and various environmental protection facilities have also reached the advanced level in China. The main investment projects of the group include Sichuan Huiyu Pharmaceutical, Sichuan Huiyu Biology, Meishan Huiyu Biology, etc. On October 26, 2021, Sichuan Huiyu Pharmaceutical was listed on the Science and Technology Innovation Board of the Shanghai Stock Exchange.

Meishan Huiyu Biology

Meishan Huiyu Biotechnology Co., Ltd. was established on July 3, 2019, covering an area of approximately 354 acres. Meishan Huiyu is supported by advanced technology and committed to providing customers with first-class products and services. We fully guarantee the safety and health of our products and provide reliable, safe, and high-quality gelatin and collagen peptides for the food and medical industries. Meishan Huiyu's main products are gelatin and further processed products, including oral collagen peptide supplements, gelatin tablets, oral liquids, energy bars, hemostatic materials, etc. Meishan Huiyu can produce various specifications of gelatin, as well as collagen peptides suitable for consumption and medical use. Meishan Huiyu has a first-class research and development team, achieved 1 national exclusive technological achievement, and obtained 60 related patents.


The project adopts mature gelatin preparation technology and is at a world leading level. The supporting project includes a high salt wastewater treatment project, specifically responsible for treating the high salt wastewater generated by small and medium-sized pickle enterprises in the park. The bipolar membrane electric treatment process is used to desalinate the wastewater and produce acid and alkali for reuse, solving the problem of hazardous waste in the traditional MVR process; A dedicated sewage treatment plant project that can meet the first level discharge standard after sewage treatment and can be directly discharged into the Minjiang River; The project of producing 100000 tons of organic rich solid organic fertilizer annually collaborates with the team of Academician Shen Qirong from Nanjing Agricultural University to convert the organic rich solid formed in gelatin production into organic fertilizer, forming a circular economy throughout the entire industrial chain. After the project is completed, it is a gelatin enterprise with the highest environmental protection level, the largest production capacity, and a clear competitive advantage in the same industry in China.


1、 Possessing exclusive global latest technological achievements

Meishan Huiyu has advanced enzymatic hydrolysis method for preparing gelatin, and collaborates with Royal DSM to develop a new enzymatic gelatin production process technology. It is the exclusive latest technological achievement in the world and is at the world's leading level in technology. This technology significantly shortens the rubber extraction time, greatly improves the rubber yield and good rubber yield, and significantly reduces the water consumption per ton of rubber, which is only one-third of the traditional process.

2、 Having a strong R&D team

The Meishan Huiyu Technology R&D Center was established in June 2014, with several key members having over 20 years of industry experience. The R&D center adheres to the principle of "independent research and development of core technologies", and actively engages in technical cooperation. It has established R&D cooperation relationships with DSM Group, Sichuan University, Jiangnan University, etc. in the Netherlands, forming an international platform for industry, academia, and research cooperation. Since the establishment of the R&D center, Meishan Huiyu has invested nearly 20 million yuan in updating and upgrading the experimental facilities and equipment four times, with an average annual R&D cost of about 6 million yuan.

At the same time, Meishan Huiyu Technology R&D Center relies on Huiyu Pharmaceutical R&D Center (with over 500 R&D personnel, including over 200 doctoral students), focusing on independent research and development. At the same time, it actively carries out technical cooperation and is committed to the research and development of projects such as gelatin, collagen peptides, and stem cells.

Currently, we have 61 invention and utility model patents for gelatin production processes and equipment.

3、 Improve environmental protection facilities

The enterprise builds a sewage treatment plant in the park, and the project's sewage discharge meets the first level discharge standard and is directly discharged into the Minjiang River. All workshops are designed with a closed negative pressure scheme, and the exhaust gas is collected and treated for discharge; Solid waste such as sludge and rubber residue are comprehensively utilized through self built supporting projects by enterprises. After the project is completed, it is a gelatin enterprise with the highest environmental protection level, the most complete facilities, and the lowest operating cost in the same industry in China.