Corporate Vision: To become a world-class gelatin production enterprise

Corporate Mission: Green, Healthy, High Quality, Rest assured

Business philosophy: Focus on gelatin, continuously innovate talents, and prioritize customers

Enterprise tenet: Striving for excellence and making first-class gelatin; Pursuing excellence and setting industry benchmarks

Future planning of the project

It is expected to add a 10000 ton gelatin production line and a 7000 ton collagen peptide production line. After completion, the total output of a single factory will reach an annual output of 30000 tons of gelatin and 10000 tons of collagen peptide; Establish research and development partnerships with domestic and foreign research institutions such as Rongtong, Sichuan University, Nanjing Agricultural University, and DSM, committed to the research and development of gelatin, collagen peptides, stem cells, artificial plasma, hemostatic gelatin, medical aesthetics, health care, and other projects; The company will standardize its operations, introduce strategic partners, and strive to be listed in China by 2026.