Food application plan

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1、 Baking products: cakes, pastry products

The properties of gelatin can help people create delicious and perfectly textured cakes and pastries, while also helping people transition from creamy softness to slicable fillings with moderate freezing strength and well beaten, making cakes and pastries both delicious and a visual feast.

Even in low-fat fillings, gelatin can create a wonderful creamy texture. Moreover, from a technical perspective, the stability of gelatin can simultaneously increase the shelf life of the product and improve its freezing and heating stability. Not only that, using gelatin, we can also help you make biscuit products more crispy.

2、 Beverages: fruit juice, beer, grape juice clarifiers

In a wide variety of beverages, gelatin is used as a natural processing ingredient. Gelatin can serve as a clarifying agent and can form flocculent precipitates with impurities. After being left standing, flocculent colloidal particles can adsorb, agglomerate, block and sink with turbid substances, and can be removed by filtration.

3、 Candy: gummy candy, crystal candy, milk candy, cotton candy, protein candy

In a wide variety of sugar products, gelatin is used as a water absorption and shaping tool. After gelatin is dissolved in warm water, its internal molecules form a network structure, which can remove excess water from sugar products and lock in sugar, maintaining a delicious taste and beauty, while making the product more elastic and transparent, playing a shaping role.

4、 Meat: lunch meat, canned meat

Gelatin is used as a water absorbent and stabilizer to enhance the taste of meat products and extend their shelf life. In the production of canned products, gelatin is used to absorb the juice released during the processing.

5、 Dairy products: pastries, cheese, yogurt

Gelatin can absorb 10 times its own weight of water, prevent leakage, and prevent dehydration and shrinkage of dairy products. Gelatin enhances the overall taste of different dairy products, giving them a smooth, consistent texture, and creamy texture without fat.