Medical application solutions

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1、 Hard capsules:

The overall performance of hard capsules is determined by multiple key indicators, including disintegration time limit, fragility, cross-linking, oxygen permeability, etc. Meishan Huiyu can provide gelatin products with various parameters according to customer needs, which is fully suitable for hard capsule production.

2、 Soft capsules:

The dynamic characteristics of soft capsule products make them have defects such as concatenation, leakage, irregularity, and fragility. It is extremely challenging to produce perfect soft capsules. The soluble gelatin with good physical and chemical indicators produced by Meishan Huiyu can effectively maintain the stability and integrity of soft capsule products.

3、 Hemostatic materials:

Hemostatic sponge, hemostatic patch, and fluid hemostatic gelatin made of gelatin have excellent hemostatic functions and are commonly used for daily hemostasis and various major surgical hemostasis.

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