What is collagen peptide

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Collagen peptides are small molecule collagen proteins that gradually decrease with age. Nowadays, many skincare and hair care products add collagen peptides to maintain skin or hair elasticity and smoothness.

Small molecule collagen peptides, as an effective cosmetic raw material, can moisturize the skin and give it a smooth feeling. Therefore, they are known as the bones in the bones, the skin in the skin, and the flesh in the flesh. They can be said to be the strong backing of the dermis, and their effect on the skin is self-evident. Collagen peptide can play a role in skin care cosmetics, such as lotion and essence, to make the skin elastic, moist, delicate and smooth.

Collagen peptides can also be used for hair care, and they can promote the synthesis of collagen, shorten the inflammatory response during wound healing, promote vascular regeneration, increase local oxygen supply, and accelerate wound healing. If there is a small-scale wound on the skin, pure peptide powder can be directly applied to the affected area, or peptide water can be used to clean the wound, promoting wound healing and preventing scarring.